Saturday, 5 August 2017


The next Tidemarks will appear only in September. I am about to set off on a trip to the USA to enjoy a two and a half minute experience in Tennessee. Also, to fulfil a bucket list visit to the Smithsonian in DC. With luck I shall also get to again hear a the cry of a loon – no, not in DC -- but up in northern Ontario. And my hosts in Guelph inform me that I shall be in time to catch some events at the World Dwarf Games in their city this coming weekend. True.
For a different reason, I was unable to write Tidemarks this week which is a pity, because there was a tidal wave of stupidity so deserving of appropriate heaps of scorn. Ah well. There doubtless will never be a shortage of material while we are still foolish enough to elect politicians.
And the Tennessee thing? There’s a total eclipse of the sun in 2 weeks time and Tellico Plains TN is right on the centre line. The good folk there (pop. 853) are planning to make it a memorable event.
Experience a small town welcome as you enjoy a three-day celebration of The Total Solar Eclipse hosted by the Charles Hall Museum and Monroe County Tourism. Eclipse viewing will last a full 2 minutes and 38 seconds in Tellico Plains who is at the centerline of the path of totality. For more information search FB “Standing In The Shadow of the Moon #Totality in Tellico” Several events are planned for Saturday and Sunday. Monday, the day of the Eclipse, there will be parking available for $5 in the field behind the Visitor Center. Entertaining those who come to experience the eclipse in this choice location with be DJ’s from McKee Promotions, members of the Smoky Mountain Astronomy Club, and a story teller of Cherokee descent who will describe the Cherokee’s connections to the sun, moon, and stars. For more details regarding the event:
Cant wait.
James Greener
Saturday 5th August 2017